Konjac Spicy Chicken

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In order to hot-pot, you need a pot and a burner to keep things simmering at the table. There are a variety of pots and portable burners to choose from. Electric and induction hot-pot sets are the easiest to clean up; you simply wipe the top surface clean with a towel. But one of my favorite ways to make hot pot is with a portable butane burner. It's a little harder to clean, but I like the fine-tuned heat control it offers, which makes maintaining a simmer incredibly easy. Butane burners don't often come with pots included, so you'll need to buy that separately, and you'll need to replace the fuel every few hot-pot sessions.


No matter which hot-pot setup you end up with, look for a pot that has a separator in the middle for accommodating two broths in one pot, to get the most broth mileage out of one burner.


A single pot that's about 12 inches in diameter can serve anywhere from two to six people; feeding a larger crowd will require a second pot and burner.